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Our Goal is to Provide Exceptional Crypto Trading Signals to Our Members
Our team has been providing a stellar 98% accuracy rate
Who is CBI?
Currency Builders International is a group of like minded investors who see the importance of owning and growing bitcoin and altcoins on a continued basis. We strive as a team to provide current and accurate information to help our members make the correct decisions when it comes to growing value in the crypto world. CBI is dedicated to maintaining integrity in our organization as well as providing recommended vehicles to propel our members to economic independence.
Our Team
It was once said, "That all organizations rise and fall on leadership." Here at CBI we have hired an expert team of seasoned currency traders with an astounding track record to provide daily trade options to insure your success. Our administration is tempered with global minded visionaries who understand the every changing dynamics of digital currency and jurisdictional requirements. These traits, coupled with an exec group who has a heart for people, gives you a team who is equipped with the tools necessary to meet your portfolio objectives.
Our Mission
At CBI, we understand that without our subscribers and trading participants, there is no future for us. Our utmost focus to our members is honesty and transparency. If our client request a refund for any reason, consider it done. If a daily trade is questionable and not in their best interest, we will not recommend it. If a subscriber requests a withdraw, we honor it Immediately. Our staff operates on the principle that the material things we have been entrusted with are not ours, but belong to our customers-which are given by the creator. Our stewardship is a test. If we are faithful with the least, we will be afforded greater and more eternal rewards. 
Learn how the Daily Crypto Signals are created and delivered to you in real time. 

Small wins can add up to be huge returns.
My week one results are outstanding with CBI signals.I opened 10 trades. Iv'e closed 6 of them. The remaining 4 are all in profit, but not yet at our target price. Amazing
~Dan Schwartz, Bangkok, Thailand
When I heard of the high level of success with CBI's signals, I was very skeptical. But since day one I'm averaging 9.8% per trade, sometimes as quick as 20 minutes. Theses results are insane!
~Derrick MacDonald, Toronto, Canada
I am a beginner trader and found this service to be very helpful. This company took the guess work out of trading. My profits are increasing daily.
~Craig Thomas, Orlando, Florida
I have been using these signals with CBI for 18 months and they have been at least 95% accurate. Iv'e turned a small amount of bitcoin into a substantial portfolio. Very pleased.
~Carlos Pereira, San Jose, Costa Rica
I found trading on my own to be volatile and emotionally exhausting. Finding Currency Builders system allowed me to put my trading more on auto pilot. I've turned .5 btc into 2.6 btc in 90 days.
~Rene Campbell, San Jose, California
Other signal services I used before model the indicators from forrex trading. I had little success using them. The CBI people have more sophisticated bots and bolinger band techniques that really make the difference. The live webinar training make me full time trader.
~Li Qiang-Paterson, New Jersey
Subscribe to Our Monthly or Annual Service
Just Sign Up & You'll Get Access to Our Crypto Trading Daily Picks. You will also be able to join our CBI Affiliate program. Refer about 3 people and your service is paid for.
How we make our picks
Our seasoned staff utilizes the state of the art trading tools and bots to provide a stellar 98% accuracy rate. We use the time tested Bollinger band program to analyze the strength or weakness of coins to determine which ones to acquire. By studying the high and low averages with Bollinger, we are able buy at desirable bottoms and sell at profitable tops. We also study EMA's (Exponential moving averages) whether quick or slow to pinpoint when these band averages accurately cross to execute timely trades. Mac D indicator algorithms are also used in cooperation with EMA's to maximize utmost accuracy. To insure a guaranteed favorable trade, the historic Fibonacci Bollinger indicator is used on nearly every trade.
Target Profits
While there have been extraordinary moves in many cryptos to generate profits as high as 100% and more in a given 24 hours, here at CBI our target profit margins are a bit different. Instead of the occasional "meteoric home run" that most day traders look for at 3 am, we are perfectly content with the abundant low hanging fruit of the 15 minute in and out trade that yields 1-3% consistently. While sticking to our conservative approach we have been able to help our subscribers realize profits ranging from 30-90% per month with very little risk to principle. There's and old saying in financing "If you take care of your little money, your big money will take care of itself." 
Target Signals
Trade signals are usually blasted out via the telegram app on your mobile or desktop. You can set the parameters to receive picks that require action from 10 minutes to 1 hour. If this does not fit your schedule or level of intensity with trading, then picks can be generated that suggest you execute within several hours with broader execution limits. Either way you win with our proven system. Each member is entitled to 40 different picks through out the course of the month. If one desires more pics, then please speak to our reps at info@currencybuilders.com to discuss our more intense trading packages.  
Actual Crypto Signals
40+ Signals per month...
CBI Training Center
CBI will provide you with our video training to help you get started quickly. You'll be trading cryptocurrency within hours of purchasing your new subscription. 
Subscribe to Our Monthly or Annual Service
Just Sign Up & You'll Get Access to Our Crypto Trading Daily Picks. You will also be able to join our CBI Affiliate program. Refer about 3 people and your service is paid for.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the level of accuracy with your system?
A: For over 2 years the staff at CBI has operated at a remarkable 98% accuracy rate on daily trades.

Q: What coins do you trade?
A: We see opportunity usually in the top 300 coins on coinmarketcap.

Q: What is the typical percentage of profit per trade?
A: 3% + consistently

Q: What trading platforms are most user friendly with your system? 
A: We recommend Binance, Poloniex or Bittrex.

Q: Does CBI offer live support?
A: As for now, CBI offers live support from 8am- 9pm EST Monday through Saturday. All other needs will be addressed via info@currencybuilders.com

Q: Are live tutorials available?
A: Live group coaching is available in scheduled group setting with our top traders at additional cost of $75 (per person) for a 45 minute session. (20 participants max per session.) 
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